Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Best Android

The huge number of Android phones offered in the market is both a blessing and a curse. Every year, mobile phone developers introduce several new Android phones to keep up with the growing population of smartphone users. On one hand, you’ve the advantage of getting masses of choices. On the other, too many options can be really overwhelming. If youre looking for the best Android phones, then youre in for some task. All the news and media hype make the search especially difficult, since everyone seems to be labeling one phone as the best Android mobile around.

If you shop around, youll brainwave that unlike Apples iPhone, Humanoid phones come from different motorized companies, with HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and LG being the most dominant. The major mobile phone service providers dont net the job easier either, because they now also offer an listings of Android units to choose from. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Virgin Wireless are some of the most popular service providers that offer Android phones.
When trying to discovery the best Android phones, first you someone to define the word best. This is truly important because the best handset for one may not be the best handset for you. By this we mean that it isnt about getting the newest or most expensive gadget. Its about finding the best Android mobile phone for you. So, what makes a phone the best for you? Is it the camera, battery life, weight, and processor? These are just few examples of property that you need to consider.


If you see yourself taking hundreds of pictures next to your phone, you might want to check out the camera beforehand. Remember, however, that camera specs won’t tell you that much. Megapixels only find out how large the pics will be and not how good they’re going to look. With that said, don’t get a 10MP Android cameraphone over an 8MP cameraphone just because of the spec list. To be sure, try to take some pictures with the display unit in the shop provided possible and see how it compares to new phones.

Yet another thing to check out is the front-facing camera. Provided you love video chatting with your friends and family, you’ll certainly want to be sure almost this. If you dont, just ignore itthere’s no reason to look into a phone’s longest spec list if it has things you aren’t interested about or going to use.

Mobile Life

Whether youre always on the run, the battery life is definitely one of the things that you need to yield into consideration. Short battery life is among the major issues of modern smartphones. However, near all the features that smartphone units have, it is quite understandable why they miss their battery relatively fast. Carrying a warhorse around is not fun at all. If the best Android phone for you means long battery life, it’s best that you read reviews and battery comparisons of different phones.


For people that don’t want to transfer a heavy phone around and are willing to give up camera features, screen size, and gaming performance, then some research must be done. If youre looking for lightweight Android handsets, you can consider the Samsung Galaxy S phones. These units are lighter and thinner compared to an iPhone despite the 4-inch screen. If youre a fan of Sony Ericsson, you may want to check out the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini, which is an Android phone that weighs 88 grams. Modu T is another lightweight Android mobile phone launched by Micromax which weighs 62.2 grams.


If you want an Android phone that has a fast multi-core microprocessor, you must get a phone built around a good dual-core processor. Most of the newer high-end smartphones from HTC, Motorola, and Samsung have them, but be confident to cause many research first before buying one. There’s a lot of name dropping and marketing push when it comes to Android processors, from Snapdragons to OMAP to Hummingbirds. But what’s the main difference linking them all? While you could always exhume into the smallest differences relating each Android processor, the fact of the matter is that numerous factors influence the speed of your phone, and your processor isn’t one of the first things to consider. For example, Android generally includes hard performance boosts in OS upgrades, so there may be instances when a phone that actually receives updates may run faster than those with a faster PC.

Indeed, looking for the best Android phones is fairly a challenge. But, whether you know what you want in a phone, your buying decision becomes a lot easier.